Last updated: 31-03-23

You do not need to be studying a scientific subject to be a part of the committee, but you need to be a current student at the University of Oxford.

Note that all selected committee members will be given Society membership status for however long they remain a part of the committee. Available positions and short descriptions are listed below:

Events Officer

You will be responsible for the booking of external venues (not in-College venues), set up of the venue, liaison with relevant Department or Venue Provider, and overlooking the whole process of the logistics of the Society’s weekly speaker events. You will also collaborate with the Marketing Officer in creating term cards and weekly posters.


You will be the first port of call for all financial operations of the Society; for example, if the speaker or any other committee members requires reimbursements for operational expenses. You will also be responsible for paying for venue bookings and post-event dinner with speakers through the Society’s bank account. You will cooperate with Sponsorship and Patronage Officer in finding capital for our society to carry out our mission.  As requested by the Proctors, you will also be drafting an expenses and revenue spreadsheet each term, for submission at the beginning of each calendar year.

Marketing Officer

You will be responsible for overseeing the publicity of the Society. You will be creating term cards and weekly talk posters. You will have competence in conventional social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) to inform the community. You will assist the Vice President in sending out weekly and termly newsletters to our mailing list, emailing relevant Departments to ask them to advertise our talks, etc. You will also assist the President to execute Freshers’ Fair 2022. 

 Members’ Relations Officer

You will be directly responsible for all affairs relating to our members. You will be responsible for the delivery of membership cards and maintenance of our mailing list and membership database. You will work with Events Officer to engage our members in our events, e.g. coordinating the balloting system for dinner with the speaker. You will be helping to build and maintain a network of our members of all ages for the sharing of scientific knowledge and curiosity, as well as advice and support on career development. 

IT and Automation Officer

Firstly, you will be responsible for keeping all the web pages up to date, as well as improvements to make this website more interactive and engaging. Secondly, you will help streamline and automate any processes in the running of the society, e.g. payment system for members and sponsors; membership application and database; and, digitalisation of recorded talks and society catalogues.

Social Media Officer

Shouting out to those of you passionate about science communication! You will have full access to the Society’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We would love to see one post per week about anything that is related to science – you have full autonomy to choose what to post and when to post them! You may also be in contact with the Marketing Officer to collaborate on event advertisement.

Sponsorship and Patronage Officer 

Firstly, you will be directly responsible and help the President and Vice President in finding potential sponsors, draw up sponsorship packages, tailor sponsorship agreements, secure sponsorship money and relay the needs of sponsors to the rest of the committee. You will be the face and ambassador of the society to interested parties. Secondly, you will help initiate the campaign of attracting donations from organisations and individuals to support scientific engagement at OUSS. You will work with Members’ Relations Officer in bringing key donors and the rest of the network together.

Public Engagement and Outreach Officer

In general, you will be liaising with external organisations with the goal of bringing benefits to the wider community. You will help the President to contact other university student societies, departments and colleges to arrange collaborative events. You will be nurturing collaboration with schools and organisations in helping diverse communities to learn more about science. We are very open if you have any suggestions for what could be done as part of this role. We would like you to show initiative, and brainstorm new ideas, and in return we will give you as much freedom and support as possible.


To bring the glittering history of OUSS alive. You will be responsible to organise and familiarise with the archives and catalogues of OUSS. You will maintain the catalogue in order and up to date. You will post short stories selected from the catalogue or related to OUSS on key occasions. This helps promote the Society and educate the community about the discoveries behind science. You will work with IT and automation Officer to keep digitalising the system.

Make your own committee position!

This might sound unconventional, and you may be thinking, what? This is allowed? Here at the Scientific Society. We understand and appreciate the value of disruptive innovation, so in line with that, this is a committee position where you can do whatever you want – as long as you can show that what you do will benefit Scientific Society and its members! You will be allowed to have access to all the Society’s available resources and connections, and you will report directly to the President and Vice President on your progress. Get CREATIVE!


If you would like to apply to an open position, please fill this FORM.