You do not need to be studying a scientific subject to be a part of the committee, but we would like you to be a current student at the University of Oxford.

Note that all selected committee members will be given Society membership status for however long they remain a part of the committee. Available positions and short descriptions are listed below:

Director of Events

You will be responsible for the booking of talk venues, set up of the venue, liaison with relevant Department or College, and overlooking the whole process of the logistics of the Society’s weekly speaker events. Should we be able to hold in-person talks, we would expect you to commit to the role and be present at all events to make sure everything is running smoothly. It will be worth it (we already have some fabulous speakers booked for Michaelmas)! Commitment level: HIGH

Publicity Officer

You will be responsible for overseeing the publicity of the Society. Publicity makes up a large part of what the committee does, we are always looking for ways to reach more people to spread the word about science in Oxford and beyond. Usually, this means that you will be in charge of the creation of online posters for all Society events and posting on our Facebook page (with over 200K likes!). In addition, you will also be emailing relevant Departments to ask them to advertise our talks – don’t worry, we have all the contact details compiled already. Ideally, we would like you to be present at all events so the rest of the committee gets to know you, but this is not mandatory. Commitment level: HIGH


As expected, you will be handling the finance side of the Society. This means you will have access to the Society’s bank account, and you will be the first port of call if the speaker or any other committee members requires reimbursements for operational expenses. You will also be responsible for paying for venue bookings and post-event dinner with speakers through the Society’s bank account. As requested by the Proctors, you will also be drafting an expenses and revenue spreadsheet each term, for submission at the beginning of each calendar year. We would like you to be present at all events to take care of ticket sales and meet other committee members! Commitment level: HIGH

Outreach Officer

A brand new position! In general, you will be liaising with external organisations with the goal of bringing benefits to current and future Society members. You may be contacting companies, other University student societies, or even departments to arrange collaborative events. We are very open if you have any suggestions for could be done as part of this role. We would like you to show initiative, and brainstorm new ideas, and in return we will give you as much freedom and support as possible. Commitment level: MEDIUM-HIGH

Audio-visual Officer

We are not entirely sure how the next academic year will pan out, but our best guess is that you will be liaising with our external audio-visual team to record and upload all speaker events to the Society’s YouTube channel. You might also be helping the Director of Events with setting up of the venue. We would like you to be present at all speaker events, but there is considerable flexibility. Commitment level: MEDIUM

Social Media Officer

Shouting out to those of you passionate about science communication! You will have full access to the Society’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts, we would love to see one post per week about anything that is related to science – you have full autonomy to choose what to post and when to post them! You may also be in contact with the Publicity Officer to collaborate on event advertisement. Commitment level: MEDIUM


Master of this website! We would like you to have some experience in WordPress editing or web design for this role. You will be responsible for the maintenance of this website and all its pages, as well as occasional improvements to make this website more interactive and engaging. A well-presented website is more than enough to make a good impression on those who may be interested in the Society. Commitment level: MEDIUM

Membership Officer

As the name suggests, you will be responsible for the deliver of membership cards and maintenance of our mailing list database. Selling of membership cards is usually done at Fresher’s fair each year, and this is a great way to get to know how the Society works. Commitment level: LOW


Responsible for registering the Society with the Proctor’s Office at the start of each term. Should be very straight-forward and easy to complete. Great way to get to know others on the committee! Commitment level: LOW

College Representatives

Ambassador for the Scientific Society at your College JCR/MCR, usually this may involve posting in college groups or sticking up of term cards. Wonderful way to get to know other people in the University (including other college reps) and get a glimpse into how the Scientific Society works (we will also give you membership status for as long as your contributions – free science talks!). Commitment level: LOW

Make your own committee position!

This might sound unconventional, and you may be thinking, what? This is allowed? Here at the Scientific Society. we understand and appreciate the value of disruptive innovation, so in line with that, this is a committee position where you can do whatever you want – as long as you can show that what you do will benefit Scientific Society and its members! You will be allowed to have access to all the Society’s available resources and connections, and you will report directly to the President and Vice President on your progress. Get CREATIVE!

Contact us by email (scientific.society[at] if you are interested in any of the positions mentioned above! We really look forward to hearing from you.
The selection process will take place throughout the summer vacation, positions will be taken down as suitable candidates are found, so act quick! Selection typically includes a CV check and an interview with the President, Ex-president, and Vice President – no need to panic, we just want to get to know you!