Sponsorship and Collaborations

Collaborate with Us

Every academic year, we need to reach out to innovating companies to seek their generous patronage in promoting scientific ideas and engagements for the inquisitive minds at Oxford University.

Since 1882, Oxford University Scientific Society has been actively nurturing critical thinking in science by providing a platform for students to come together and engage in scientific discussions and activities.

In the past 8 years alone, we have hosted 160 expert speakers in fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, computer science, engineering and communication, 18 of whom were Nobel laureates. With an attendance of around 40-120 for each of our talks and a total audience base of 1800 we are poised to make an impact. For the upcoming academic year 2022-23, we are interested in raising our goals and profile, and have added the following to the society agenda:

  • a closer interaction with the industry by hosting industrial speakers and organizing more field trips
  • a chance to network over open-ended research ideas by introducing sponsored society-wide socials
  • organizing career events for students: especially those involving non-mainstream pathways such as sci/tech journalism and entrepreneurship.

If you can identify with even one of the above ideas, we would be glad to have you on board. We are excited to discuss sponsorship as a yearly engagement or a one-time event with you.

For more information about sponsoring us, please email us at scientific.society@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk.