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Become an OUSS member

Note: Being on the mailing list is NOT the same as being a member, and being a member is not the same as being on the mailing list!

Membership at the OUSS is granted to any past or current Oxford student and staff, as well as current local residents. If you are not sure whether you fulfil any one of these criteria, please email the committee.

Annual membership, expiring at the end of Trinity, costs £15, and lifetime membership is £25. Membership entitles you to the following privileges:

  • Free entry to all the society talks (£2.5 on the door for non-members)
  • Free entry to standard OUSciSoc joint events with Oxford’s other science societies
  • Free entry to our careers events
  • The opportunity to join us for dinner with our illustrious speakers
  • Reduced entry to our social events
  • Additional free lifetime membership of the Cambridge University Scientific Society, due to our reciprocal membership agreement
  • Eligibility to vote in Committee Elections

Annual or lifetime membership can be purchased at any of our physical events or online by email. At the moment we are migrating our payment system, so please get in touch with us at and we can arrange for the payment to be done via bank transfer.