Wednesday Evening Discourse

Our society’s flagship event series is the Wednesday Evening Discourse, a decades-long series of weekly lectures delivered by a different prominent scientific personality each week. The lectures are typically held on Wednesdays at 8.15 pm, but in certain weeks we have to do it on other days to adjust for speaker availability so please do check out the Termcard page to find out the exact dates for our upcoming talks. If you are interested in finding out more about lectures which we have held in the past please do visit our Events page, where you can view video recordings of most of our lectures in their respective information pages.

Lectures in the Discourse series range from all areas of science. Recently we have had Prof. Russell Foster discussing circadian rhythms, Sir Martyn Poliakoff exploring green chemistry, and Prof. Alex Halliday lecturing on the Origin of the Moon.

Each lecture is designed to be accessible and interesting to experts and non-experts alike, and there is the opportunity to ask questions after the talk. The speaker event is then followed by a reception with wine and cheese served, where attendees will get the opportunity to talk to the speaker and mingle with fellow science students interested in the topic of the week.

Dinner with the Speaker

When the speaker is available, we also host the speaker for dinner at Browns Restaurant at 6pm on the day of the talk. If you would like to join in the dinner, please fill in this form before 12pm on the day of the talk to ballot for a place. The ballot will take place at 12pm and successful candidates will be notified at 1pm. Please note that this opportunity is only available to members of OUSciSoc.