2022-2023 Committee

President (Former Outreach Officer) – Sparsh Tyagi

Hello everyone, I am Sparsh, a first-year D.Phil (PhD) student at the Materials Department. I am a member of Trinity College. I attempt to satisfy my curiosity by understanding structure-property relationships in different materials for various applications. My PhD project is focussed on surface nanoscience. I visualise things at sub-molecular scale using a sophisticated camera known as Scanning Tunnelling Microscope. Apart from academics, I am interested in Sports, Literature, Music, Politics and Science Communication. I like to explore and travel around places. Walking in serene natural surroundings is always pleasant to me.

Public Engagement Officer & Vice-president – Hafsa Ateeq

My name is Hafsa, and I’m a first year biochemist at Christ Church college. I’ll be serving as the Public Engagement Officer for OUSS. I’m particularly interested in Epigenetic therapies as an avenue to subdue the effects of cancer. Apart from the STEM side of things, I love badminton, reading fiction, travelling and most importantly meeting new people:)

Secretary (President TT22 & MT22) – Lorenzo Piersante

Hello, I am Lorenzo, a 4th year Physics student in StCatz. I like natural sciences in general, with a particular interest in Computational Physics. In my spare time, depending on my geographical location, I love trekking and hiking or, if the sea is available, stand-up paddle boarding. Lighter hobbies of mine include comics, novels and politics. If you have any queries about OUSS, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Marketing Officer – Tricia Seow

Hi everyone, I’m Tricia and I’m a third-year undergraduate reading Biochemistry at St Peter’s College. When not nerding out about immunology or biotechnology, I love playing the piano, swimming, and having the most random conversations with friends. I’m excited to work with the society to share our passion and fascination of science to others.

IT Officer – Yang Hu

Hi, I’m Yang. Currently, I am a third-year undergraduate in physics at St Catherine’s College. I love gaming, especially action games, and I am a fan of Japanese anime. Of course, I’m also passionate about natural science and I look forward to sharing my passion and interesting experiences in science to you.

Archivist – Bowen Cheng

Hi my name is Bowen. I’m a first-year undergraduate student in Trinity college doing chemistry. My interest in academics lies in drug and battery development. Outside STEM, my spare time has mainly been occupied by reading and guitar, as well as cycling. I’m delighted to join OUSS and share my passion for science with everyone.

Treasurer – Alannah Chadwick

Hi, I’m Alannah, I’m going into my second year at Pembroke studying Chemistry and I’ll be the OUSS Treasurer this year. I’m interested in inorganic chemistry, particularly in organometallic complexes and toxicology. Outside of academia, I love playing hockey and swimming, and I also enjoy rock music and jazz.

Membership Officer – Kathryn Holland

Hi, I’m Katy (leftmost in the image)! I’m a second year Biomed student at New. In my spare time, I like to play netball, and enjoy sewing. When at home I love to explore the coast, and I also love to travel!

Events Officer – Anoud Naeem

Former officers

Vice-president TT22 & MT22 – Yushi Li